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Wiedza studentów w zakresie planowania terenów zagrożonych powodzią

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How the protection against hazards is valid is triggered by natural factors and if not enough she was included in the spatial politics of the country, what was already described earlier. It is also known, that in developing areas a safeguard of areas against active developing was not-considered as well as to a little extent investments got up at flood character. On danger zones be doing well a building development of different kind was being located what became a main factor of generating huge losses in case of the withdrawal is doing well about extreme character. The safety assurance on the flood land is a multifaceted task, because it depends from the system of the technical protection but above all from provisions entered into legal documents, contents of planning documents, from architects, urban planners, self-government bodies as well as from the awareness of the society. For them bigger knowledge in the potential hazard all the more deliberate forming of these particular areas. The present article shows the need of educating students in direction of flood threatened architecture, urban planning and spatial development. Conducted polls and lectures amongst S2 students of direction of architecture and the urban planning are demonstrating an ignorance is great in this respect. It seems justified that every young architect beginning his practice should have certain scope of one's knowledge about the architectural or urban planning design on danger zones threatened with flooding and also to have a knowledge where to search for information in relation to zones endangered.

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areas of potential and imminent flooding, map of flood risk, local land development plan, Computer System of the Cover of the Country, Management System NMT, water Directive, floods Directive

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