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Некоторые методические рекомендации по изложению курса сопротивления материалов

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The main kinds of audience lessons of the course of strength of materials are considered, and the exposition of separate parts of course is analyzed. The recommendations to increase the efficacy of lessons (namely the systematization of educational material and the separate parts intercommunication) are presented. The necessity of acceptance the single rule of signs is reasonable for the internal power factors and the components of tensions. In a separate part to calculate the statically indeterminate constructions of any kinds at the different ways of external influence by single method are suggested. As such method “the method of forces” as the most universal one can be chosen. The long-standing authorial experience to realize the practical and laboratory reading with pointing of the most effective techniques is stated. Methodically reasonable practical recommendations to organize the independent work of students are presented.

Ключевые слова

strength of materials, audience lessons, order of exposition, rule of signs, method of forces

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