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General and Professional Education
4/2015 pp. 99-106

Edukacja testowania: narzędzie all-pairs testing w procesie optymalizacji testów konfiguracji – zastosowanie narzędzia w systemie B2B OPTIbud (projekt Innotech)

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This article is related to the IT industry in the context of optimizing the configuration tests using the appropriate methods and tools. The first chapter is an introduction, which describes the problem of testing a large number of computer systems pairs configuration, and gives a definition of a pair wise testing. The paper also describes the problem of an education testing. The chapter explains why the reduction in pairs test does not degrade the quality of the tests. The second chapter provides a description and demonstration of the utility All-pairs Testing, which is used to generate tests in a reduced amount, while at the same time without increasing risk oversight, the pair wise testing method and a description of the parameters for which it makes sense to apply the pair wise testing method are applied. The third chapter describes the study and the results on the reduction of test configuration for B2B OPTIbud system. Last chapter presents the conclusions and summary of the study.

Ключевые слова

pair wise testing, combinatorial testing, tests optimization, All-pairs Testing, B2B OPTIbud system