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General and Professional Education
4/2013 pp. 21-27

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The paper is devoted to the problem of improving translation quality of scientific and technical documentation. It considers existing translation Internet-resources and raises the issues of usability and reliability of open online dictionaries, translation memories and machine translation systems for translating professional texts. A methodology for the efficient use of Internet-resources for finding correct cross-language equivalents of professional lexica is developed. Possible applications of the suggested methodology are discussed. A procedure for the development of a multipurpose reliable professional e-dictionary based on the Internet translation resources is presented. The approach is illustrated on the example of the Russian-English language pair in the domain of mathematical modelling for which an e-lexicon is implemented following the methodology described in the paper. The suggested techniques can be useful for a wide audience of scientists, technicians and professional translators. It can also be included in the course for training translation students.

Ключевые слова

Internet resources, translation, special texts, terminology acquisition, professional e-lexicon

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