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General and Professional Education
1/2009 pp. 9-18

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Traditionally the leading attention to leader education preparing to leader as administrator, which can organize any kind of fighting action, combat arrangement, thorough equipage for soldiers and other, without including the psychological, the emotional, the individual and the other peculiarities. Also the main changes in view to army performance in nowadays situations when we must fighting with terrorism, prevent the armed conflicts, the changes in armed forces performance in inside political and the others increasingly request a higher competent in professional, moralpsychological, humanity for army control for various administrative level leaders. The reviews of best practices in leadership development (LD) have concluded that the key to effective LD in organizations is the systematic application of tools and practices. In recent years, the Lithuanian Military Academy (LMA) has embarked on an effort to systematize leadership in its training and education system. This study describes the development of a survey measure that is based on a model of the “system components of LD” that has guided the LMA’s efforts to design systematic leadership development practices across different military training courses and schools.

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leader, army, leadership, geopolitics